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The Northern Lakes is one of the UK’s most picturesque regions, with spectacular rolling hills and valleys, breathtaking water features, and towns and villages that look like they’ve been lifted straight from a postcard.

We’ve helped people call this area ‘home’ for almost 140 years. PFK Platinum is a collection of the finest homes this incredible region has to offer.

For Sellers

The PFK Platinum service builds on our already market leading offices and online experience. PFK Platinum includes Aerial HD film and photography, your own website, interactive floor plans, the highest quality particulars, bespoke micro cards and Premium Rightmove listings / advertising. 

To take advantage of PFK Platinum, contact us on 01768 862135 or email

PFK Platinum

PFK Platinum Features

Aerial Photography & HD Video

HD Video

The drone helicopter has also given us the ability to provide another innovation.

We are the only company that can record and provide full HD online videos of your outside space.

To record the HD videos we simply place the drone in your garden or surrounding land and raise to a height of 100m whilst filming. This produces an incredible view of your property, grounds and location, whilst providing buyers with a totally unique and unforgettable experience.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is one of the most effective ways of marketing your home and adding perceived value to your property.

However, most customers could not take advantage of the huge benefits of aerial photography because of the costs involved – until now!

We are pioneering the use of drone helicopters to take HD aerial images of your home. Our helicopters can fly safely from any area of your property and surroundings to provide striking shots of your home, land and surroundings.

Our research indicates that showing your home from an aerial perspective significantly increases the likelihood that buyers will click through for further details. The images also enable us to show your home’s location, views/aspects and proximity to amenities.


Your Own PFK Platinum Website

PFK Platinum properties each have their own microsite. This beautifully displayed web-space is unique to your property and can be sent to prospective buyers as a direct link.

Each microsite will house glorious full screen imagery of your property, HD video and interactive floor plans.

Having your own site will help add perceived value to your home, enrich the vendor experience and will also discourage buyers from searching for alternatives.

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Your Own PFK Platinum Website

Interactive Floorplans

PFK Platinum customers will also be amongst the first to benefit from interactive floor plans.

These detailed floor plans cut out the frustrating guesswork buyers are often faced with when interpreting static plans.

When browsing an interactive floor plan, buyers can view real images of each room, enabling them to understand your layout better and get a feel for the flow of the house


Interactive Floorplans Interactive Floorplans

Property Particulars & Platinum Sale Boards

Although digital marketing tools are important, theyshould not be used at the expense of traditional forms of communication.

PFK Platinum customers will have the highest quality property particulars on the market. Each set is printed individually for your property and has been carefully designed and crafted to contain the highest possible quality imagery, combined with concise and clever copy.

Platinum Sale Boards Our beautifully designed Platinum sale boards add perceived value and prestige to your home. The platinum colour scheme, combined with black is unlike anything else on the market and is sure to help you stand out above the crowd.

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Property Particulars & Platinum Sale Boards Property Particulars & Platinum Sale Boards

Micro Cards

Micro cards are another UK-first that PFK provides for its Platinum customers.

We will design and make a set of personalised, bespoke miniature brochures for all customers to distribute. These handy, credit-card sized brochures will mean that you never miss an opportunity to market your home.

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Micro Cards

Premium Rightmove Listings

Premium Rightmove listings are also included in the PFK Platinum package. Rightmove Premium Listings mean that a property is highlighted to feature more prominently and have a greater visual appeal thanks to larger advertising space and imagery. According to Rightmove, Premium Listings generate 30% + more views on their website than properties that don’t have a Premium Listing. We are also able to provide quarter page adverts in the Westmorland herald (subject to cost) and discounted national advertising rates.

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Premium Rightmove Listings